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Posted 18th December 2023 Back to Blog

Is a Tarmac Driveway Right For Your Home

Among the options of driveway materials, Tarmac retains an enduring popularity, proving to be a favourite among homeowners and paving contractors alike. This guide explores the reasons behind this preference and the numerous benefits of tarmac driveways.

Understanding Tarmac

Tarmac, short for tarmacadam, is a robust and resilient material composed of tar and aggregates like crushed stone, gravel, and sand. These constituents are heated and then poured to create a smooth, solid surface, perfect for driveways.

Resilience of Tarmac

The durability of tarmac driveways is one of their most appealing aspects.

tarmac driveways have an impressive ability to withstand severe weather conditions. Their flexibility allows them to expand and contract with changing temperatures, significantly reducing the likelihood of cracking.

Beyond weather resistance, tarmac driveways can also sustain heavy weights without significant damage. This strength makes them an ideal choice for parking multiple vehicles.

Aesthetic Appeal of Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways can enhance the visual appeal of any property.

Available in a variety of colours and textures, tarmac driveways can be tailored to complement your home's exterior design and natural surroundings.

A well-designed tarmac driveways can increase your property's curb appeal, potentially attracting potential buyers and boosting its market value.

Safety Features of Tarmac Driveways

Safety is a key consideration when choosing driveway material, and tarmac driveways shine in this aspect too.

The smooth surface of a tarmac driveway minimises the risk of trips and falls, making it safe for walking.

Tarmac driveways provide excellent traction for vehicles, prams, wheelchairs and more, ensuring safe and easy accessibility for everyone.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Tarmac driveways require minimal upkeep, making them a practical choice for homeowners.

A seasonal tidy-up and a quick clean with a pressure washer is all a tarmac driveway needs to maintain its look.

In the rare event of damage, tarmac driveways can be quickly and efficiently repaired by targeting the affected areas with a sealant and pothole filler.

Cost-Effectiveness of Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways are a cost-effective option, both in terms of installation and long-term maintenance.

Tarmac is an affordable material, and its installation is less labour-intensive compared to other materials, reducing labour costs.

Given their durability and low maintenance requirements, tarmac driveways can provide significant savings in the long run.

Sustainability of Tarmac

Tarmac is an environmentally friendly choice for driveways as it can be recycled, thereby reducing waste and minimising the need for new materials.

The process of installing a tarmac driveway also requires relatively little energy, contributing to its sustainability.


Given the numerous benefits – durability, aesthetic appeal, safety, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability – it's no surprise that tarmac driveways are a popular choice among homeowners. If you're considering installing a new driveway, Tarmac is certainly an option worth exploring.

If you're in the Nottingham and Derby area and are looking for a reliable driveway installer, we'd be more than happy to assist. Our professional team has extensive experience in installing tarmac driveways, ensuring high-quality results that add value and appeal to your home.

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